How to Find what you Really Want in Life

How to find what you really want in life?

It seems like such a simple question, although it’s not that simple.

We are literally bombarded with information all day that unknowingly shapes our belief systems for us.

These beliefs influence our subconscious minds and we live a life of habits shape by those beliefs.

So how can we change beliefs into ones that serve what we want in life?

Take notes often on whatever pops into our minds.

To Get what We want We Must be Able to Serve Others.

These intuitive hits are thoughts that come to us when we are not actively seeking answers.

Review your notes at least once a week, you’d be surprised of what these notes can offer in the way of guidance.

Ask yourself the 2 billion dollar question.

If you had 2 billion dollars how would you live? What work would perform? Where would you live?

These questions just might answer the question, what I really want in life!

Do you have a specific talent?

What are the activities that I most love to do?

You must ask yourself questions and dive deep within to find that which makes you happy.

Write out a bucket list of 100 things you would like to accomplish.

Then narrow that list down to what resonates with you the most.

For an example I’ll show you my process on how to find what you really want.

After going through the process I found that. What I really want is to sail around the world.

I wrote my list without actively thinking.

What is meant by this is to just write a list of 100 things I would like to do.

Just ask the question, what I would really like to do with my life?

Set a timer for 15 minutes and just write whatever pops into your mind, there are no wrong answers.

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How do I know if this is what I really want in life?

Once again just simply ask yourself questions while reading down through your list.

Put the thought of what you want from the list and ask does this bring me a positive emotion?

The most common emotions that we want are happiness, love, peace, excitement, security and freedom. Of course there are many others, but you get the idea.

Also we need to get a mental picture of having the desired result.

If we read from our list and ask does having this give me a sense of happiness, love, peace, excitement, security and freedom.

If we respond yes, then we have a match.

If we don’t sense the positive emotion we can cross that item off our list.

The next step is to ask ourselves if we can relate the “what I want” to an actual experience that is closely related to the emotion of the “what I want”.

To give you a better understanding of this let’s look at my example of sailing around the world.

Paint the picture into your mind.

I am sailing through the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean. The sun is bright and feels good upon my body. There’s a nice breeze blowing, we are moving steadily along. Suddenly the shriek from the fishing reel alerts me to a catch. I wonder in anticipation what we will have for dinner. The sun is going down and we prepare for our night shifts. It is so quiet and peaceful. The stars fill the sky. I am at peace and at one with everything. I am so grateful for this moment.

I can also get the sense or vibration resonance of happiness, love, peace, excitement, security, adventure and freedom from just thinking about sailing around the world.

Next part to make sure of is, that I am in vibration awareness is to recall a past experience that had those same emotions.

I’ve had fishing excursions in the Northeast U.S., Virginia, North Carolina, Key West and in the Gulf of Mexico.

Just remembering those adventures brings me back to a state of happiness, love, peace, excitement, security, adventure and freedom.

This means that the thing that I really want, sailing around the world.

Is in complete harmony with my emotions and past experiences.

The positive emotional attachment of the experience is what drives us towards our desires.

Also there is no need to “fake it till I make it.” Because I’ve already had real experiences that are 100% relatable to what I want.

This is a process that anyone can do with a little practice.

Putting a plan of ACTION together that we have FAITH in.

But you must take action, for only actions produce results.

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